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    Hey all,
    I'm helping someone set up a new community for a not for profit and they'll need some custom functionality to hit their goals.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to use a plugin etc to add in html/css if a post or reply has a specific tag.

    Short version is: People will be discussing different things and the org wants to allow certain conversations but to auto add in a disclaimer/change the post format a little for specific post tags.

    IE: If the post has the tag: "marvel" on it, it'd show a div/text at the bottom of the post/reply saying "This person loves marvel".

    New to NodeBB, not entirely new to everything else. 🙂

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    Hi folks,

    This is just a minor release. For the issues solved, please check our GitHub page.


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    Due to changes introduced to loading javascript assets in 1.7.0, using jquery in widgets requires waiting for the page load event.

    Sample widget for 1.7.0+

    if (window.jQuery) { doStuffThatUsesJquery(); } else { window.addEventListener('load', doStuffThatUsesJquery); }
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    I git clone v1.x.x branch.
    today I git reset --hard fdd8514, then work OK!

  • Image icon/thumbnail

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    Yesterday i did a post regarding thumbnails for images (

    I've been thinking 🙂
    Would it be possible to show a static icon for all images in posts and when the users click on the icon the uploaded image will load?

    We think uploaded images take to much space, and the nodebb-plugin-image-sizer is complicated for some users to use.

    Any help/feedback would be appreciated