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    Well, I only added that one a month ago 😄 It will be in 1.13.0, as @oplik0 says. You can of course, use latest master if you'd like.

  • Cross-forum chat room

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    I'm using NodeBB as an interface for an app, more like a crowdsourcing hub. The forum is okay, but sometimes the communication is more dynamic and people have to either speak on the phone, use other apps or meet in person.

    For new forums or for forums with small user base, a cross-forum chat room would be very engaging.
    For the UI I'm imagining something like DC++ looked like in the old days.

    This idea fits in different scenarios. At least in mine it does. The chat room would be an extension of the forum.

    How do you find the idea?

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    ☺ good to know.

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    @a_5mith I fully understand that. I come from SMF, in terms of the software my community was using.

    But I am saying I've had a very serious problem before, where no time limits were set on deletion and edification. One previous member had the time and energy to go through their 200+ forum history and erase everything.

    Once bitten, twice shy. If I have to mod something but the feature still technically 'exists' (as in, it's only a cover-up on the ui) then I don't feel safe using the software.

  • Chat Page

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    In the chat page, instead of displaying "please select a reciepient to view the chat" the latest chat of the member should be displayed, because there is lot of screen real estate, so it would be better to show the latest chat, instead of that prompt message. @julian @a_5mith @baris