New user issues: github oath, change email, resend email

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  • Hi guys, I tried registering here using github, never got confirmation mail. Then I went to settings and realized that email from github (possibly because my email there is set to private) was something among the lines of [email protected] and has never reached me.

    Then, I tried changing the email and resending the confirmation email, where it said I must wait or 10 minutes, saying the same thing again after 10 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚ I then tried logging out of that account and using the same password I logged in with for the first time, and it said "invalid user data" and after a few tries (as expected) locked me out.

    It is not big deal (although I would love to have my other account "zoharm" as I am planning to stay in this community, I love nodejs and I am in the process of adopting NodeBB for my application)

    Finally, this is just my little screwup report arriving from that specific sequence (github oauth registration, login, change email, re-send confirm email), it could be all user error, but you can always protect the user from himself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • just reporting here, i had to recover password and then resend email on the "zoharm" account and it got me in and email confirmed this time, so all good for me now (could still investigate original issue with github email which is the only thing really left of this topic)

  • @julian this seems like a real problem

  • We do throttle the confirmation emails, but when you switch your email, you are automatically sent another confirmation email, so that's why you can't send it again manually... I remember someone made an issue about this recently too.

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