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  • Access Topics - If disabled so they cannot view, can you change this because having the following settings..

    [Registered Users]
    Access Topics - (Unchecked)
    Create Topics - (Checked)
    Reply to Topics - (Checked)

    ATM, if Access is unchecked they can still make a post but cannot view their own. Would it be possible to make it so if Access Topics is unchecked allow them to view their OWN topic instead of disallowing all topics to be viewed?

    This way since they can still post their own topics and reply to it. Others say moderators can reply etc. But other registered users cannot see their topic. Only ones they create them selves. (This is so we can do private support per-say, like if someones reporting something about some one else. Other than a Chat etc. Soon hopefully to add a Form that posts into my form section for this soon.

  • ☝ That plugin might need some updating for compatibility ...

  • @julian Thought you might want to know that I created say

    Moderator Jr and Global Moderator default.

    If one user is in both groups and say Global Moderator Title Badge is turned off, but Moderator Jr is set to showing, it displays neither badge. Shouldn't it display the one thats set to show or one that is higher priority only if its set to true?

    Also quick question, If a group is set to be able to moderate that forum area, does that give them on par with Global Moderator for that specific area only? Or something different? You mind pointing me to documentation permissions been so hard to find any information about this.

  • @Joykiller You have to actually select which badge to show from the user profile settings page 😄

  • @julian Fixed ha didnt know about the "edit profile" with the dropdown. thx.

    Also, plugin seemed to work fine. Haven't ran into any errors yet but might customize later on to allow another specific usergroup to view not just admins.

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