nodebb-plugin-emailer-local configuration or usage problems

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  • Any ideas then why do I get this? (after removing the emailer plugin), just to clear this out we have NodeBB running on a Windows Server (can't remember the edition).



  • @SergioNG You need the program "sendmail" being installed on your server for that to work. Not sure how this works with windows...

  • @frissdiegurke @julian Ok, I'll give it a try and see if we can get it working that way, thank you both.

  • Hi, I've tried already to set this up, but I can't understand how NodeBB uses the sendmail program, does anyone has a complete installation guide or setup at least on Linux? thanks

  • On Ubuntu, installing sendmail is as simple as sudo apt-get install sendmail. Regular users cannot send mail, however, so you'll need to run NodeBB as root (not advised), or add the /usr/sbin directory to the running user's PATH by running this: PATH=/usr/sbin:$PATH

  • @julian alright... I'll keep trying on my side to get this working, although I will suggest if you guys can come up with a way to simplify or standardize this setup at least for Windows because we can't be the only ones who need to send mails using smtp and having all infrastructure setup on Windows ... right 😞 ? thanks for all the help and I'll keep on setting this up!! by the way I'm trying to use this Sendmail version for windows:
    I hope this works somehow.

  • Update here if anyone has any ideas.... I installed something that is like a fake sendmail for Windows (, I validated that I'm able to send emails through Office365 SMTP service and that the emails reach their destination by using this fake sendmail, but these test emails are sent through a CMD command using a template (sendmail -t < %TEMP%\temp.mail) and this sendmail.exe program and its .ini are located in "C:\usr\lib" and just to make sure I put it here as well "C:\usr\sbin" but anyways it just didn't work, NodeBB still outputs the message "Error spawn sendmail ENOENT"... does anyone have any ideas? I really need to send emails through Office365 and we can only deploy the forum on a Windows server.

  • Update number 2!! It works!!!! the same setup looks like it works, at the end I left only the sendmail on the "C:\usr\sbin" folder and that mixed with running NodeBB as administrator.... looks like that was it for it to work, so... that's on a test server, will update again if all goes fine on the production server!

  • Will this work for latest version? Planning to use AWS SES SMTP account with the plugin...

  • @techabyte I can't tell you if it would work, what I can tell you is that it looks like the plugin itself is not necessary, you can just relay on sendmail to do the SMTP stuff.

  • Final update, it worked on the production server!! so now our forum is working properly sending emails the Linux way on a Windows Server OS, quite nice I would say, just as a side note our forum is actually really small in number of users, as it is an internal forum, so I can't assure this setup will work out to other forum's expectations or needs, also I would like to add that this shouldn't be the way to do it on Windows as it is kind of a weird way to handle it so in later versions it would be nice to see it reworked or polished for Windows environments (especially because it looks like the program used to simulate sendmail on Windows is no longer receiving maintenance).

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