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Feature Requests
  • I have a feature request for a optional category header [markdown] text displayed here:

    Many of your categories requires some introduction and or additional information. Sticky threads just isn't good enough [people don't read them].

    Like in the bug report category here on the forum, it would be nice to add a link to github issue tracker and give a short explanation on how to add a bug report.

  • This is a cool idea, the category description can be used there as well. We could have some kind of category header that shows this info.

  • They should probably be two different things. Category description should be a short text like today, while the introduction could potentially be longer (and preferable support markup).

    Got an even better idea... We could actually use the "Widget" feature. Would only require a new widget property where you can specify which category it should be shown on... that way you could place texts both in header/footer/sidebar for a specific category. Flexible!

  • @hek I like that idea, At the moment I am just putting an if statement in the header, and depending which page is show, it shows different images/text.

  • @hek, I'm really likeing the implementation outlined in your second post.

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