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    It's been several months since our Toronto team has convened in our downtown office, and we've blogged previously about how we are spending our free time during social distancing. But of course that DOES NOT mean the team hasn't been working hard. Version 1.14.0 includes expanded documentation and improved features, as well as streamlining and security fixes. Here are some highlights...

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    We're proud to announce that NodeBB has become the first forum software to become GDPR compliant.

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  • NodeBB v1.6.1 Release

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    Actually, you can add NodeBB to your home screen already... should work on both Android and iOS.

    However we don't show an alert for it because we find it obtrusive... I personally can't stand sites where I have to spend a couple seconds closing the two or three modals or overlays it shoves in my face when I want to read something, and that is reflected in how we don't do any of that in NodeBB.

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    Ahah, busted 😬

    I still use Linux day-to-day, although I picked up a 2015 model MBP so we could test NodeBB on safari (when the need arises)... it's... an okay laptop 😬

    Perhaps someday I'll format it and load Xubuntu...

  • NodeBB v0.4.1 Released

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    Now its working on my company proxy ❤