v1.0.1... semver, automated builds, plugin upgrade tools, and more!

  • Admin

    The NodeBB team is proud to release v1.0.1, a patch update for NodeBB containing many bug fixes and several new features!

    Semver Changes

    Click here to see the full blog post

  • Sounds wonderful, off to crash my dev server. whistles

  • Swedes

    Cool, will update ASAP ;)

  • Translator

    I know I can keep saying this many times, and I actually will... Since he why not. But I love to see the quality of life changes on NodeBB, you guys changed up the moderation system since it was sub-par, and now it looks allot better. The blacklisting of IP's is surely a nice addition. Can't wait to see what you guys do next in terms of inbuild features and what not.

  • This is cool

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