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    A few things:

    I, too, have long favored Brother printers. Excellent bang for the buck. 💵 Suggest you never lay a flat screen flat on its back. Better to keep stresses in the vertical plane so stand on edge leaning up against a wall somewhere out of the way. Plus, you just know that somewhere there is someone wanting to trip over their shoe laces and.... I, too, favor quality over cheap. Nice Lenovo gear. 👍

    Rock on NodeBB! 🎸 🐕

  • What's New in v1.9.0

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    Excited to upgrade my forum to this new version.

  • NodeBB v1.6.1 Release

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    Actually, you can add NodeBB to your home screen already... should work on both Android and iOS.

    However we don't show an alert for it because we find it obtrusive... I personally can't stand sites where I have to spend a couple seconds closing the two or three modals or overlays it shoves in my face when I want to read something, and that is reflected in how we don't do any of that in NodeBB.

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    Amazing work with the update guys! I love node bb. I am just going to vote for you in the awards.

    Keep up the great work and continue the development. hats off!

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    @pitaj said:

    // magic to convert the template into the source of a JS function

    Haha yeah this is easier said than done.