Good names for a community?

  • Swedes

    I am starting a new community for games, musik and movies and are looking for good names. Any good names out there ?


    The domain is chosen, Questions now is

    1. What does it stand for
    2. Logo creation

    What does UEX stand for. Name suggestions...

    Who       Name       Comment
    @jenkler User EXperience
    @jenkler United Entertainment X
    @jenkler Ultra EXperience
    @jenkler Ultra EXtreme
    @jenkler Ultimate EXperience
    @jenkler Ultra EXtensive
    @jenkler Uber Expendibals
    Mattias Ur Experience
    Mattias Extra
    @rod Micro Entertainment Xperience (eXperience) Where the "u" in uex represents the greek letter mu (which represents micro). μ - Wiktionary
    Kjelleboy Ultimate Entertainment X-perience

    Yeah I know, having fun with tables, Markdown is awesome :P

  • Global Moderator

    @Jenkler you could combine the words:

    • Gamomu
    • Gamumo
    • Gammusmov
    • Gamemusimovi

  • Swedes


    games, musik and movies

    Yeah, that is an idea :) I need a lot of input for this. Hard to find a good name ;)

  • Global Moderator

    Doesn't really matter, they don't come for the name. I run a music forum called 35hz, it's dead for people posting, but costs me very little and has some good content, so it's now a Dev site and archive.

  • Swedes

    But its nice to have a good community name :)

  • Anime Lovers

    Try finding a name, but not of names, but of a concept. What brings together all those three for you and your community?

    For example, If I wanted to make a community for pokemon lovers and Naruto lovers I think I could call it Missigno Filler or Shinobi Trainers.

    I would also keep the name short. Intentionally short. e.g. 9gag, Xchan, e-hentai ,35hz, etc.

  • Anime Lovers

    HSam has some good advice. Your should probably find something a little more specific than general games music and movies for your forums theme. Once you have that your domain will also become more specific, which tends to make it better.

    Like for people who enjoy eating pizza. :P for a forum of people to discuss mostly new AAA games they play (ok, this isn't really general enough is it?). You can still have chat about other subjects on your forum, but the problem with making it too general is just that... whats the point?

    Find a point for your forum. Then find a name.

  • Swedes

    I guess that a litte more focus on Games Would work ;)

  • hejgames dot com and muspelet dot com (Muspelheim) if your profile is truly yours. ;)

  • Swedes In that case it would be in swedish (Hellogames). Sounds kina crappy to me :P Am i right or right!

    I think I will tryout the new 1.0.0 for my new community when I found a good name ;)

  • Yeah, you're right. As we all know only similar domains can be taken. For example sisu + games = sisumes. But you're not from Finland or Estonia. ;)

  • Swedes

    Forum is located at @PitaJ , @a_5mith, @HSam, @HolyPhoenix, @nhl-pl :p

    The Name

    We have taken the name UEX for our community with discussions about games, movies and music. The name could stand for

    • User EXperience
    • Ultra EXperience
    • United Entertainment X
    • Ultra EXtreme
    • User EXperiment
    • Ultimate EXperience
    • Ultra EXtensive

    More ideas are welcome. English is not my native language so maybe someone can help out here. hard to find words that start with U, E and X and mix together :)

    The Logo

    I am not good when it comes to making graphic stuff att all. If someone here likes colors and stuff, feel free to give my projekt a
    contribution :)

  • @Jenkler

    What about simply

  • Swedes

    @qgp9 Thanks @qpg9 but the domain is already chosen ( Now its more a what it stands for and a logo :)

  • Swedes



    The domain is chosen, more info here. Questions now is

    1. What does it stand for
    2. Logo creation

  • When I have changed forum logo most users did not notice any change. I believe you can go with something simple and after some time invest money in logo by graphic designer (it can be a contest on specialized website).

    Get forum users first and after that ask them for a logo ideas and new meaning for domain name.

  • Anime Lovers

    @Jenkler Is the forum for gaming? What did you decide the focus would be?

  • Swedes

    @HolyPhoenix Yes, the forum is for gaming, movies and musik. But i think mostly for gamers :)

  • Swedes Yeah, that would be a solution. Maybe if I get stuck on the logo part :P Always nice with some input.

  • @Jenkler How about

    Micro Entertainment Xperience

    Where the "u" in uex represents the greek letter mu (which represents micro)μ

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