• Was wondering if this is even possible, but a post that can be used as a page that everyone that has an account can edit, like Wikipedia but through nodebb?

    Like there is a set layout (like Wikipedia) and the users just come in, make new pages and stuff. I think this software is perfect for community stuff but was wondering if that was even possible?

  • It might be easier to integrate Raneto with nodeBB 🙂

  • @Moritz-Friedrich Thanks for the link, I did search for a great wiki engine for some time now but never came across this one 😄 Highly appreciated!

    Anyways I don't think those systems are able to be merged without huge effort.

    I'd rather suggest running a wiki engine (of your choice, whatever fits your needs) in parallel with NodeBB.
    I don't see any reason why you would want to combine two different platform types with different purposes.

  • @frissdiegurke I stumbled across it while searching one for a project at work, liked it very much and contributed some needed patches.. 😉
    I rather meant using NodeBBs login system there, that should not be that much of a hassle.

  • @Moritz-Friedrich Wow, I'll look into it. I mainly wanted to make it seem 'seamless' to the end user. I have a blog with wordpress that I will us NodeBB as its comments section and wanted to add a wiki sorta function so our forum users can update on pages instead of whining about stuff I didn't do right and forcing me to manually change it lol.

    I'll look at this in the morning, thanks!

  • Anime Lovers

    The idea of a Raneto and NodeBB integration is really good, because It makes possible to have much more combinations for the group that is running the sites, it could be like @Moritz-Friedrich said that at least the login is shared or something or even more integration who knows I say it opens up more interesting ways for doing things with the forum.

  • Problem with Renato is that it uses flat .md files for there files. So it wont be a 1-2 progress

  • I looked around and I couldn't find any wiki's using Raneto, I guess the main developer's site has it in use but just wanted to see how others used it for a more traditional wiki look.

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