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    This is kind of a feature request, but more closely related to development of the application as a whole. I stumbled on this @julian and thought it would be some useful analytics on how fast we can make the application (unless you already have something in place?)


    His blog is also interesting

  • @BDHarrington7 the application performance is one thing, the server performance another.

    I personally focus on the server performance, which includes theme optimization as well.

    You can already apply major improvements by using the new HTTP/2 protocol (if you use SSL) and also Google PageSpeed. You then can apply a few filters like bandwith optimization, inline CSS & Javascript or WebP conversion.

    It is very simple to do, but also very effective. You then can also minify your Javascript files, which results in less bandwith being used for the site and therefore a faster delivery.

    Here the server kicks in. Make sure to have appropiate hard drives (namely SSD's) for the best perfomance, just like a proper bandwith itself (1GBits for example).

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    The founding team, I can safely say, is not happy with NodeBB's performance as is, so we won't be resting until it is even faster 😄

    Mainly, we use require.js on the front-end, with a minimised file for as many client-side assets as possible (nodebb.min.js). However, although having a single payload is arguably better, it is a very large file, and there are some scenarios where libraries should be lazy loaded when requested.

    e.g. There's no need for sound files or composer logic right when NodeBB is loaded, but they are bundled into the minfile.

    That said, @psychobunny wants to experiment with newer tech like webpack or bower, or some such... we shall see where that goes 😄

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    Also ACP related scripts are part of nodebb.min.js... 😞
    It isn't good, especially when you create rich ACP UX.

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