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    We have an idea that eventually we can attract developers of various nationalities. to the nodeBB projects.

    Managers and developer of nodeBB:
    @administrators @3rd-Party-Developers @Staff

    A set of instructional videos with subtitles created regularly, for example explain codes of nodeBB core, making plug-ins, optimize nodebb config for production, even teach nodejs , etc ...
    Then publish them on YouTube.
    In addition to these films, the set of documents to be prepared that teach developers how to develop nodeBB and place it on the project's wiki.

    Then ask your users to translate these documents and subtitles in their own language, Also send news of this series of tutorials to students in their university.

    For example, we can do this for the Persian language.

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    Only issue I can see with this is the high barrier of entry for people that are starting out with NodeJS, how advanced/basic do you make the tutorials, are we explaining what each individual hook is for, or are we demonstrating it's use? Then there's the "how to write php in nodejs" comments...

    Advanced coding videos on Youtube don't normally do very well, beginner ones however, seem to do quite well. This guy for example, used to work for Microsoft and decided to teach beginners how to start writing in C#.

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    @a_5mith @administrators @Staff @3rd-Party-Developers
    Let me explain it in more details:
    At first let me describe the situation from my point of view. NodeBB is a powerful and equipped web application which makes it extremely interesting for both developers and users. In comparison to other open source forums like Discourse it is incredibly easier to install and use and let's not even compare it to paid forums like vBulletin. On the other side and from a developer's perspective; first of all it is implemented by NodeJS which is a growing server side language and definitely not as popular as it's older mates like PHP, secondly with even having an understanding of NodeJS, there is still an known world of NodeBB with questions like "How it works?" , "How to write a plugin?" ,etc . I mean even if you say that I can find the answers of some of these questions on, still they are not orgonized and not easy to reach. For clarifying this here are some examples : Google Android Documents for develpers( or which a website full of tutorials for Laravel developers(unfortunately it is not free) . I believe if we provide the same for our NodeBB we can have more developers and users around and finally show them all that NodeBB is truely the feature.
    Now, what do you say?

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    There's for most of that information (or at least, ideally). Sadly, documentation isn't as appealing to most developers as writing code, so it usually lags behind in terms of relevance to the latest version of the software it's for (which is typically why there's a separate team dedicated to keeping it up, at least in my experience).

    However, the docs are also open source, so that's where community members can come in and contribute even if they're not well versed in NodeJS development: Keeping the docs up to date, and consolidating this information in the forums as it comes up helps everyone.

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    @a_5mith said in Recommand: Attracting developers and end users to nodeBB:

    are we explaining what each individual hook is for,

    It would be nice if each individual hook was more explained. A lot of try and fail now + google 😛

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