Enable swap (Redis 3.0.5)

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  • Hi guys, I'm currently running NodeBB with a Redis 3.0.5 database and it keeps crashing. I've read up on maxmemory policies though I worry they will evict data I may want later (it is no longer persistent). Is there a way I can enable swap memory and just put things on disk when I don't need them anymore? vmemory is deprecated to my knowledge, is there anything else I can do?

    Alternatively I'm willing to just move to mongoDB, I've managed to convert the RDB into a json file which I can then import into Mongo though mongo doesn't seem like it imports the data. Not sure how I would do that any other way.

    Thanks in advance,

  • In my opinion (And 10 minutes of researching) it might be the best to switch to MongoDB, from what I've read Redis won't support Swap/Virtual Memory, it exists but its deprecated and so not recommended. You also might want to give there FAQ a good read.

  • @miran, we offer a Redis to MongoDB converter, if you're interested. Contact is at [email protected]

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