Which theme shows recent posts on homepage like discourse or flarum?

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    You are using the wrong hook name

    action:composer.topics.post => for new topic
    action:composer.posts.reply => for new reply

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    @pitaj Clearing my browser cache didn't do anything either. For context my browser is Opera GX

    Thanks a lot for your help! The issue is now forwarded to the Quill github

  • Invalid URI When Posting

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    Great! Thanks for sharing your solution with everybody 😄

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    I'd like to be able to enable generation of css source maps so that I can identify which less file a rule is defined in. For example, the .btn class has padding defined as '10px 16px'. I'd like a workflow which allows me to quickly figure out which less file contains that rule, without having to manually search for it. I have show 'show original sources' enabled in the firefox dev tools but also need to tell nodeBB to generate the source maps or generate them myself.

    The button padding seems to come from the bootstrap mixin:

    .button-size(@padding-vertical; @padding-horizontal; @font-size; @line-height; @border-radius) { padding: @padding-vertical @padding-horizontal; font-size: @font-size; line-height: @line-height; border-radius: @border-radius; }

    During development, I'd also like nodeBB to re-generate css based on changes I make to less files. For now I am running nodebb dev, editing a less file and then manually reloading the forum in the admin panel.

    All advice appreciated - hopefully this will be useful to others. I searched for 'source maps' but didnt get any relevant hits.

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    Hmm, That should work, as long as you changed all the identifiers. I've done the same thing with my own themes.