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    A few minutes ago, I posted a new issue to the github and decided that if I also mention it here on the forums, it could gain some more traction. In its basics, it is about why the current "moderation" permission node sucks, and what is should be.
    Here it is in all its vain and glory:

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    I can agree with this. The moderation permission is a bit out of its league. Also to add onto this is the flagging system. Its partly broken. Here's how it currently works. User flags a post. It gets added in the flagged queue thats on the admin panel. Where users with the moderate permission cannot get access to. But thats not all... The users with the moderate permission also get a notification, and those notifications do not include the reason of why it was flagged. Maby this can be fixed in gh#3912.

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    Would be nice if we could get a response to the #3914 issue on what your thoughts about it are. As well as when you think an estimated date could be set.

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    Revamping the system is a large ask, and while it's on the to-do, it is not on the very top of the list.

    That said, we do recognise that the community very much wants this functionality, so it's not at the bottom either 😉

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