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  • I'm going to start by noting that if the walk through docs cover this, it isn't any place obvious.

    I've been away from Nodebb for a bit ( 0.6.x) as it's been moving a bit too rapidly for my workplace project - particualrly when they still had no blessed clue what they wanted done. 🙂

    They've asked me so I installed a clean 0.9.x to start fresh. I am using node 0.10.36 as provided by the OS and the Mongo back end.

    It's been a while, but as I recall, the first user created was automatically the server admin. Either that recollection is off or it's no longer work as I can't seem to reach the admin panel. At all.

    Any inobvious pointers?

    0.9.x branch, commit cee3918e9b8096e421933678178ddfe4e3b71adf

  • The first admin user is made in the installation. Either by ./nodebb setup or by using the web installer. The admin user is created after you enter your database information. Or on the web installer below the database information

  • @Kowlin Curious. I was not prompted for such.

    I'll rerun it.

  • @Shard welcome back!

    If the database already contains NodeBB data, then the prompt to create an admin user will not appear.

  • @Shard I had problems with a clean 0.9.X isntall with node 10.

    See my thread here:

  • I re-ran the setup and found I'd linked the old db instead of teh new, hence the user issue.

    Logging in with the admin user throws a forbidden, bad csrf.

    Okay, I'll try with a newer build. I used the updated documentation @JaredBusch PR'd and I get this oddity.

    [nodebb]$ ./nodebb setup
    Module._extensions[extension](this, filename);
    Error: Module did not self-register.
    at Error (native)
    at Module.load (module.js:355:32)
    at Function.Module._load (module.js:310:12)
    at Module.require (module.js:365:17)
    at require (module.js:384:17)
    at Object.<anonymous> (/mnt/Extra/home/dbolack/MWM/nodebb/node_modules/mmmagic/lib/index.js:3:13)
    at Module._compile (module.js:460:26)
    at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:478:10)
    at Module.load (module.js:355:32)
    at Function.Module._load (module.js:310:12)
    [nodebb]$ node -v

    Any thoughts? The only thing that immediately comes to mind is still using OS Repo provided npm and a good number of libraries.

    node-gyp.noarch 0.10.6-4.fc22
    nodejs.x86_64 0.10.36-4.fc22
    nodejs-abbrev.noarch 1.0.4-8.fc21
    nodejs-ansi.noarch 0.2.1-2.fc21
    nodejs-archy.noarch 0.0.2-10.fc21
    nodejs-asn1.noarch 0.1.11-5.fc21
    nodejs-assert-plus.noarch 0.1.4-2.fc21
    nodejs-async.noarch 0.2.10-2.fc21
    nodejs-aws-sign.noarch 0.3.0-3.fc21
    nodejs-block-stream.noarch 0.0.7-2.fc21
    nodejs-boom.noarch 0.4.2-4.fc21
    nodejs-child-process-close.noarch 0.1.1-4.fc21
    nodejs-chmodr.noarch 0.1.0-6.fc21
    nodejs-chownr.noarch 0.0.1-11.fc21
    nodejs-cmd-shim.noarch 1.1.0-5.fc21
    nodejs-combined-stream.noarch 0.0.4-5.fc21
    nodejs-config-chain.noarch 1.1.7-3.fc21
    nodejs-cookie-jar.noarch 1:0.3.0-3.fc21
    nodejs-cryptiles.noarch 0.2.2-2.fc21
    nodejs-ctype.noarch 0.5.3-5.fc21
    nodejs-delayed-stream.noarch 0.0.5-7.fc21
    nodejs-devel.x86_64 0.10.36-4.fc22
    nodejs-editor.noarch 0.0.4-4.fc21
    nodejs-forever-agent.noarch 0.5.0-3.fc21
    nodejs-form-data.noarch 0.1.1-2.fc21
    nodejs-fstream.noarch 0.1.24-2.fc21
    nodejs-fstream-ignore.noarch 0.0.7-3.fc21
    nodejs-fstream-npm.noarch 0.1.5-3.fc21
    nodejs-github-url-from-git.noarch 1.1.1-4.fc21
    nodejs-glob.noarch 3.2.6-2.fc21
    nodejs-graceful-fs.noarch 2.0.0-4.fc21
    nodejs-hawk.noarch 1.0.0-2.fc21
    nodejs-hoek.noarch 0.9.1-3.fc21
    nodejs-http-signature.noarch 0.10.0-5.fc21
    nodejs-inherits.noarch 2.0.1-5.fc22
    nodejs-ini.noarch 1.1.0-5.fc21
    nodejs-init-package-json.noarch 0.0.10-3.fc21
    nodejs-json-stringify-safe.noarch 5.0.0-3.fc21
    nodejs-lockfile.noarch 0.4.2-2.fc21
    nodejs-lru-cache.noarch 2.3.0-5.fc21
    nodejs-mime.noarch 1.2.11-2.fc21
    nodejs-minimatch.noarch 0.2.12-4.fc21
    nodejs-mkdirp.noarch 0.3.5-5.fc21
    nodejs-mute-stream.noarch 0.0.4-2.fc21
    nodejs-node-uuid.noarch 1.4.1-2.fc21
    nodejs-nopt.noarch 2.1.2-2.fc21
    nodejs-normalize-package-data.noarch 0.2.1-2.fc21
    nodejs-npm-registry-client.noarch 0.2.28-3.fc22
    nodejs-npm-user-validate.noarch 0.0.3-3.fc21
    nodejs-npmconf.noarch 0.1.3-2.fc21
    nodejs-npmlog.noarch 0.0.4-3.fc21
    nodejs-oauth-sign.noarch 0.3.0-3.fc21
    nodejs-once.noarch 1.1.1-7.fc21
    nodejs-opener.noarch 1.3.0-9.fc21
    nodejs-osenv.noarch 0.0.3-7.fc21
    nodejs-packaging.noarch 7-2.fc21
    nodejs-promzard.noarch 0.2.0-8.fc21
    nodejs-proto-list.noarch 1.2.2-7.fc21
    nodejs-qs.noarch 0.6.6-3.fc22
    nodejs-read.noarch 1.0.5-2.fc21
    nodejs-read-installed.noarch 0.2.4-3.fc21
    nodejs-read-package-json.noarch 1.1.3-2.fc21
    nodejs-request.noarch 2.25.0-2.fc21
    nodejs-retry.noarch 0.6.0-7.fc21
    nodejs-rimraf.noarch 2.2.2-2.fc21
    nodejs-semver.noarch 2.1.0-3.fc21
    nodejs-sha.noarch 1.2.1-2.fc21
    nodejs-sigmund.noarch 1.0.0-7.fc21
    nodejs-slide.noarch 1.1.5-2.fc21
    nodejs-sntp.noarch 0.2.4-3.fc21
    nodejs-tar.noarch 0.1.18-2.fc21
    nodejs-tunnel-agent.noarch 0.3.0-3.fc21
    nodejs-uid-number.noarch 0.0.3-9.fc21
    nodejs-which.noarch 1.0.5-10.fc21
    npm.noarch 1.3.6-6.fc21

    Fedora 22 as I'm, just doing this on my workstation for now. I'll be ultimately deploying to Cent 7, so I'll verify that in a smidge.

  • Can you run npm i first and see if that goes through?

  • That mmmagic error... if you're on latest, just uninstall it, as we don't use it any longer. npm unl mmmagic

  • @psychobunny

    It does.

    @julian I'm 0n 0.9.x branch. If I uninstall that one, I get a new error. I rerun the npm i and it reinstalled it - but now it's working...

    nodebb]$ git branch && git log

    • v0.9.x
      commit cee3918e9b8096e421933678178ddfe4e3b71adf
      Author: Julian Lam [email protected]
      Date: Sun Nov 8 11:57:18 2015 -0500

      fixing crash on settings save

    commit 05ef18fb2e9e4d1eea35c80192ab877ad653ab82
    Merge: 1012287 9de8250
    Author: Julian Lam [email protected]
    Date: Sat Nov 7 11:30:49 2015 -0500

    Merge branch 'master' into v0.9.x

    I guess it needed to rebuild?

  • mmmagic? Nah, you won't need it anymore in v0.9.x

  • @julian

    Dunno what was wrong that day. Did a pull to update, then did the same steps as I had before and it decided to work.

    Go fig.

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