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  • Hello,
    How to install NodeBB on a web hosting?
    Because when I do a mysite / forum .... its not working
    Help I am new .

  • Please review these docs (despite saying they are french, they are actually english)

    I have a hunch that you have shared hosting. NodeBB doesn't run on shared hosting. You need a VPS.

  • @HolyPhoenix Are... Those the most recent docs?

  • @Kowlin They are the most recent we have that I have seen. I believe they are a little outdated, but I was able to use them plus some googling to get it installed pretty easily.

  • Hello @Walabise,
    I am new too but i will try to help

  • Hello.
    I still can not ...

  • @Walabise said:

    I still can not ...


    • Who's your host?
    • Where are you failing?
    • What have you attempted!?
  • @Walabise Indeed details. Share as much as you can... Basically essential to any support request.

  • @HolyPhoenix said:

    I have a hunch that you have shared hosting. NodeBB doesn't run on shared hosting. You need a VPS.

    This is not always true. I am running nodeBB just fine on shared hosting (even running two instances in parallel actually).
    However, more information is needed to decide whether or not that's a problem.

  • @phl I cannot see how someone has achieved this. Mind sharing your method?

  • @Kowlin I am not that familiar with different shared hosting providers. I am just co-administrating a small webspace for an online gaming community. What does normally prevent hosting nodeBB on such platforms?

    Our hoster runs separate MongoDB instances for every user account (on a specific port) and allows to select from a range of free ports to bind externally facing services to. That is everything one needs to provide during the setup phase of nodeBB to make it work (together with a simple .htaccess file for the proxy settings).

  • Hello @Walabise
    i went through the same youre going through atm and in 2 days i learned to use lunix console/vps/ssh/sftp/nginx/vim and maybe some other things i cant remember anymore. So the thing you probably dont want to hear - its not easy and you cant just slap it on your hosting, because typically hostings are run on old tech like apache and dont support node.js and alike.
    So being broke ass not able to pay for services from guys from nodebb but having a lot of free time, patience and straight hands i managed to conquer this myself, which i wish to you to. Nodebb is by far the most awesome designed thing ive seen on web.

  • @a3d Don't take these statements the wrong way, take them as a chance to learn more.

    Apache is still one of the most widely used http servers and works just fine with NodeBB, so I wouldn't say it's old tech that doesn't support node.js. Obviously, node.js requires node.js to run. NodeBB utilizes an http server to proxy that node.js app out to the world via the server.

    Shared hosting isn't old and outdated either (it does usually run a couple versions old on php though). It's just usually very limiting on what it allows one to do. For the most part you can't actually install software. You can only setup php and other scripts that run using software already provided. Not useful if you need Node.js and your hosting provider doesn't have that setup for you.

  • @HolyPhoenix Yep and its slow typically. I was on godaddy and on hostinger, and after moving to digital ocean responce times are literally 10x better. My bet is that they abuse people who are not tech savvy, limiting them by clustering on already overcrowded servers to maximize profits. I mean no matter what quality of service you provide(ie support etc) nothing will outvalue low responce time. On godaddy i have at times up to 5 seconds and on hostinger i still have 2-3 seconds sometimes for the page to even start to load.
    Needless to say its literally instant on digital ocean. Moved all my websites there, very happy that i struggled through all the knowledge you have to get to pull that off.

  • @a3d Now thinking of it. And you're 100% right about that. Same applies to gameservers on popular hosts. And of course someone can make the counter argument that digital ocean is more expansive. But that really isn't true anymore. I'm amazed on how far a good company who just sells vps's can become. I wish I just knew this year's ago. Would have saved me so much trouble and money

  • We say by and large that NodeBB doesn't run on shared hosting, but that is an oversimplification. Most do not, since they are geared toward php applications that you drag and drop files into via sftp.

    If your shared hosting provider gives you shell access to install programs (namely mongo and nodejs), then you should be fine.

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