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  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Just yesterday, Pushbullet announced Pushbullet Pro, a paid offering to complement the existing free service offered by the company.

    As a fellow startup, I understand the need to turn a profit in the face of ever increasing usage, but as the vitriol on Pushbullet's official subreddit shows, their users haven't quite taken to the idea:

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  • Free models rarely last. Charging is their only viable model, apps that advertise in the notification tray are 90+% of the time an instant uninstall. So they cant feasibly do that. What services that nodebb hook into will be affected by the change?

    Could probably research myself but... lazy. 😄

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    We do not hook into any paid services, so this change does not affect any forums running the Pushbullet plugin 😄

  • Ah, you did say that... Welp. I'm a gibbon. 🙂

  • I'm quite surprised to be fair, I always figured how Pushbullet allows there service to continue running. I only use there channels for as RSS. And thats about it. What I think they did wrong is they just changed there free features without warning. I would (If I was in there position) release new features that are just for there Pro version.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @Kowlin, yes exactly. Many users have expressed their belief that of they had simply announced the Pro plan before the newest features, and made them available only for Pro, then they'd be happy to pay.

    It was a matter of very unfortunate timing (possibly) driven by investor pressure.

  • Anime Lovers

    I once tried to get alternativeto updated to say that NodeBB is open source. My change got declined, and I have yet to go back and fight it. It really bothers me how much people don't seem to understand that what you are charging for is hosting service, and not use of the software.

  • Removing free features is one way to piss off people. I think instead of that, any new features should be behind the pay wall. That way people who want new features can have them and people who don't wont.

    I only use it as a quick reply to texts when i am on my PC and if that goes behind the pay wall I will be looking for something else.

  • @Scuzz

    I believe that is one of the things that went behind the paywall. I think you can send 100 or something like that on the free version. But after that you need pro.

  • @HolyPhoenix It's a good job I don't have many friends then 😞

  • @julian, how about Parse? I checked their API and I am pretty sure I can integrate it into the app.

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