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  • Hi Guys! I maintain a pretty small gaming forum with NodeBB and I feel comfortable with all my members. When a new user joins, usually they can be traced to another user's reference or etc. Today was the first time I got a new user and no one could vouch for him.

    While excited, I was also worried. We chatted a little, you know I was just welcoming him to the forum, but now I'm worried. What if this guy tries to mess up my forum by chatting offensive things to other users or spamming some of the threads? I cannot monitor the forum 24-7..I have to sleep and work.

    So I was curious how other forum admins handle this problem. Is there a plugin out there that allows you to monitor a user's activity and be alerted everytime they make a post/chat to someone?

    Thanks for reading!

  • You can follow them, that would notify you of any posts they make.

  • If you are worried about who joins your forum, you can turn off registrations and enable invite only registration or the registration queue.

  • invite only.


  • @Nivix Ahh forum moderation, the part that I love the most about community managing. The solution is quite simple actually, you can either like @BDHarrington7 suggested follow the user, and keep a eye on what he does. Or you can teach your members to respond as a group to that kind of behavior, let your members utilize the Flag for moderation option. Or let your members tell the member in question that the kind of behavior isn't okay on your forums. Group pressure is in my opinion the best way to change someone's behavior, hope this helps.

  • Thank you all for your responses! 🙂 I love this community..

    @baris and @a_5mith I've considered the registration queue, but as I mentioned I cannot be online 24/7 and if a user is pending for a few hours before they can join the site it might turn them away.

    No, I want to keep with the email registration. But I also want a tool to compensate my paranoia. 😛 (TY @BDHarrington7 for directing me to the "follow "feature. That is closer to what I need.)

    @Kowlin in your experience do you find that delegating that power to the users can lead to pointless drama? I have been involved in a forum that used a voting a system for keeping/banning users. It was easily rigged with false accounts and "ganging up" on unpopular users.

  • @Nivix You don't grant the users actual power. Someone from YouTube said the same thing. (Can't find it where he said it though, probably in one of his livestreams) But the way to do this is to setup some clear guidelines on how you want your users to behave, Let the users engage the user in question without harassing him. Thats basically the whole trick. Adjusting is easier if the whole group communicates in the same way.

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