Crowd Control for Plugins incompatibility, security, etc.

Feature Requests
  • Introduce additional button to Plugins list, like Complain, after click on it -> in popup select one of: compatibility, security. It will add additional layer of moderation (free moderation) to the plugins ecosystem.

    Don't take hard actions on complained plugins, just add some red notice (after N complains or X security complains), like: Plugin maybe dangerous or doesn't work properly

    This implementation will be a bonus for future, with same approach - Rating System could be introduced for plugins.

  • This is a great idea, I'm just mulling over a safe way to implement this..

    If produced in exact way you defined, then it would be easier for someone to spam their competitor's plugin with bogus complaints and unnecessarily mar a good author's reputation.

    Hmmm...great idea though...

  • I have a feeling this is something the devs have thought about already, a sort of rating system for plugins. Seems pretty common in other plugin ecosystems.

  • They have been planning on doing something like this for a while, but with the NBBPM site itself. Adding abilities to report plugins and have them pulled from the official list, etc

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