New projekt! Use NodeBB as base and skip Wordpess!

  • Swedes

    Cool, I will try this out 🙂

    @psychobunny : <-- Could you update this to v0.8.0 ?

    Why not have a plugin for both pages and homepage ?

    Another question, any good plugins out therre for contact mail forms?

  • @rbeer said:

    Well, it's outdated in terms of missing the nbbpm field in package.json, therefore not showing up in the forums plugin list.

    But it does work, when you install it manually.

    All you have to do is:

    • install plugin npm install nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage,
    • fill the homepage.tpl with widgets (ACP),
    • set your homepage to the plugins route.

    Done. 🙂

    Oh, no! other people get to use it? lol, I've been trying to manual install and it doesnt work. Doesnt show up in my list of installed plugins. It doesnt show there? 😮 I might be able to use it if it is supposed to be missing there.

  • Swedes

    Works great for me, just what i needed 🙂 Wohoo

    Check it out here:

    This is a good start, the things we need next is

    1. Mailer plugin that support google smtp and other smtp servers with ssl
    2. An mail form like this

    If we manage to fix this, then we can use NodeBB for our customers instead of wordpress for webpages 🙂

  • The jealousy is real! 😄

    I checked the homepage in ACP and the widget spaces are not there. Tried installing again, but the plugin only shows in the server folder; not in the list of plugins or the list of installed plugins.

  • Global Moderator

    @lulzdevlol That's very odd. Are you sure it installed into the node_modules directory?

    It works on my site just fine.

  • Node_modules, yes. I also cannot seem to update via reload or restart to nodebb .8.2. Do i need to install it before custom pages or? Cant figure out why i cant install it.

    (Removing an entire directory in ubuntu should not be so hard.)

  • which node_modules is custom-homepage supposed to be installed into? there is one in my account and one in the nodebb directory and the node_modules in the nodebb directory will not allow an install of anything, even with sudo.

  • Swedes

    @lulzdevlol said:


    You need to install it to /node_modules/ (The root of NodeBB)

    Sounds like you have a permission error 🙂

    cd node_modules/
    npm install pkgname

  • Global Moderator


    No no no, don't cd into node_modules before running npm install, it will install into node_modules automatically.

    It sounds like your permissions are messed up. Try killing all Node processes and then running sudo chown -R $USER on the NodeBB directory.

  • Admin

    Oops. Didn't see this one. Try what @pitaj said and hopefully it should work. IIRC the hooks in that plugin should still be valid in the current release, I just haven't updated the nbb package manager version for 0.8.2 yet

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