• GNU/Linux Admin

    @baris noticed this on the meta forum for another forum software...


    What do you guys think? It's definitely new, something I didn't expect to see in forum softwares, and it looks like it's built into their core, too...

    Personally, I don't like it. I've seen it used on Slate, but it's always been a gimmick to me. I'll admit that on some forums there's a definite need to get rid of... "cruft" ("first!", anyone?), but on actual discussions, I think it seems really weird to blip out entire posts because some algorithm deemed them unworthy of being read...

    Something like this would be great as a plugin, though 😄

  • @julian

    If a feature does not break anything, why not? A group of users will like it, while another group will not.

    If I had any say, I'd rather at this stage concentrate on much needed core features that are yet to be implemented.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Like sidebars? 😄

  • @julian

    🙂 That'd be nice, but no, like anti-spam and moderation features. ;(

    Or do you guys want me to learn how to code? I can mess with HTML/CSS from here til Thy Kingdom Come, but real coding is not my thing - yet.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    I am not in love with that feature, UNLESS the topics were like, Q/A type, very similar to StackOverflow, .. if there is question on a TOPIC, I think the users should be able to vote which POST resolved this TOPIC, .. i guess, yea, it's not a bad idea to be able to view the SOLUTION-POST without having to read 50 other posts first

    @planner anti-spam is blocked ! or maybe awaiting a major PR 🙂

  • I like this idea!

  • GNU/Linux

    @julian Do you guys think if one would do it, is NLP the way to go or conventional algos like https://smmry.com/?

  • Community Rep

    @fais3000 I wonder if something like this is actually the best approach or more "feature parity"? What problem are we trying to "solve" here? A couple possibilities come to mind:

    • Dismal signal to noise ratio. Lots of forums prioritize hits/impressions/click-thrus and thereby incentivized to tolerate and/or outright encourage "post whoring".

    • Long running threads with relatively good signal to noise ratios.

    • ADD/ADHD Generation?

    Different problems may well warrant different solutions. 🤔

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