A page containing topics created by users I'm following

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  • It would be interesting if I could view a page which contains topics created by users I'm following.

    Sorry if this is already available, grateful if you could point me in the right direction.

  • Oohhh I would love to see that, so far this doesn't exist. And I think this can be done in plugin form.

  • @Kowlin I think so too. It would give more purpose to the act of following someone. Kind of the same as following someone on Twitter results in their tweets showing up in your feed.

    Twitter: Following people results in a page full of followed user's tweets.

    NodeBB: Following people results in a page full of followed user's topics.

  • For me unread and recent are pretty much the same, they are both sorted by last post time, the only difference is once you read a topic it disappeares from /unread. On /recent the title changes color if its read. Also /unread is only useful if the forum isn't busy. Once you have an active forum /unread and /recent are pretty much the same.

    We had some discussions internally too about merging unread into recent(move the unread count to the /recent icon) and the change /unread to be a list of topics from people you follow.

    Not final decision yet though.

  • @baris I think the unread page how it currently works isn't great because it's opt-out rather than opt-in. People might not be interested in every single topic.

  • @baris said in A page containing topics created by users I'm following:

    ad into recen

    I still think that ability to see a specific's user for e.g if i am following John, then i should be able to see a list of all the topics they r following to mind common mutual interests.

    Ofc john should be able to turn this on or off in his privacy settings that his followers can see his topics for which he is following.

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