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    @crazycells yup.
    You can find integration docs here (tl;dr you need to implement WOPI protocol for file access. Which will also work for most other web-based document editors, since that's basically the industry standard. OnlyOffice offers their own API as an alternative, but also supports WOPI. You can find an example server in Node here)

    Install docs are here - from my understanding their primary distribution method is docker, but they do offer native packages if you prefer (looking at you Discourse with your docker-only yet for some reason linux-only installation using bash scripts)

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    Yep maybe an option for this specifiq points

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    It is different than pinning a topic to a category, it essentially puts an important message in a pinned message area so it is easy to find/reference it later. Check slack/discord for an example.

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    @xidui it's not straight forward... you will have to use helpers.

    see here...

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    I got this idea from Google Plus community. Can we have a button called " Ask a Question " like in Q&A scripts and it will take you to a page where you can post your questions and just like tags, a column with drop down menu to select category. Makes it more simple.