[nodebb-plugin-shoutbox] Shoutbox plugin

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    warn: [widgets.render] passing a string is deprecated!, filter:widget.render:shoutbox. Please set hookData.html in your plugin. (in ./nodebb log)

    FIX (instead old app.render on 97 line '/nodebb-plugin-shoutbox/library.js')

    var current_time = (new Date()).getTime();
    app.render('shoutbox/panel', { html: '<div id="tablediv"></div>', time: current_time }, function(err, html){   
        widget.html = html;
        callback(err, widget);
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    @evgeniy-onegin I don't think the current_time thing is necessary. Also, you can use Date.now() instead of (new Date()).getTime() just FYI.

    Also, you can do code blocks like this:

    var currentTime = Date.now();

    Which looks like this:

    var currentTime = Date.now();
  • GNU/Linux

    @PitaJ exactly what is needed!

  • Great work man!
    is there a way to add multiple shoutboxes in a forum?
    say one in each category page.

  • Is there any way to make this shoutbox look similar to the one in the image?
    in this chat all users who are watching the shoutbox will be connected
    you can send them private, you can create more rooms
    you will see the same hierarchies that exist in the forum
    you can see the history of the conversations in a file that you can personality for days you want to save the history

    this is a shoutbox of the phpbb forum

    I'm thinking of moving from phpbb to nodebb but my people are very used to the shoutbox that we have

    below a picture of our chat
    Can you get to do something like that? we are far?
    if you need it, I can give you a test user

    alt text

  • How to remove the "create gist" and "view archives" buttons at the button? I am running latest npm release 0.3.4 (should I use something else? strangely, I seem to remember a few years ago this was possible.)

    Thank you!

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