[nodebb-plugin-postlink] Adds a prefix on postlinks

  • Swedes

    Here comes my first plugin!


    This plugin is great to have in case you want to add a prefix on the links in a post. I use this to send people through a proxy.

    I hope this helps someone ;)

  • Swedes

    Updated it to work with v0.8.x :)

    @julian - Is it possible to get this plugin into nodebbs package manager (Install) ?

  • Translator

    @Jenkler This should help you get it into the package manager.

    EDIT: Currently getting this error: 23/9 21:24 [13689] - warn: [plugins/nodebb-plugin-postlink] A templates directory was defined for this plugin, but was not found. Might be something to look at.

  • Swedes

    @julian Could you plz help out?

    1. I don't get that error myself and I cant find where i have defined this template dir? Its a pretty simple plugin, what Iam doing wrong here. I only have one template dir and that dir is checked in as you can see here: https://github.com/Jenkler/nodebb-plugin-postlink

    2. I have

    "nbbpm": {
    "compatibility": "^0.8.0"

    In my files but how do I get it into nodebb install manager ? ie. If someone search on nodebb-plugin-postlink they should find it :)

    EDIT: Ahh, i see it now

    So i should change

    "templates": "./templates"


    "templates": "templates"

    when to use ./ and when not to?

    To clarify: I want to be able to find my plugin when using the "PLUGIN SEARCH" in Nodebb ACP :)

  • Admin

    Publish to npm first :smile:

  • Swedes

    LOL, I have a lot to learn :)

    Missed npm publish hehe. Thanks

  • Swedes

    Updated my plugin today ;) Works great and its fun to make own plugins :P

  • Admin

    @Jenkler said:

    when to use ./ and when not to?

    To answer your earlier inquiry... in general it should be safe to use both. When paths are passed in plugin configs, we run them through path.join to remove relative relations and double slashes, etc. In all cases (exceptions are bugs), the path should be relative from the plugin directory itself.

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