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    If you once have liked a post, then you're not able to unlike it.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @Xenox What if a user wants to change his previous action? Or it was a miss-click?
    Could you share more details? Why would you like to have such functionality?

  • Gamers

    This post is deleted!
  • Swedes

    @Nicolas Well if someone miss-click, then that is a misstake and if i was that user doing that i whould probably live with that misstake and whatch out next time, or talk to the admin change it with good reason for that. But if you choose to like a post, then you have made that choice, doing that like and would not be able to unlike it (as an option)

    My big wish is to have likeingsytem related by optional weekly/monthly ranking and the most liked for example 10 users in a list as widget. And they will got medals for that (gold, silver and bronze ...) And if you got for example 2 gold medals for 2 month first place liked user. You got one gold medal at your profilepage with a "2" related to that medal.

    But that whould be an other story offcause 😉

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    The new version is released: 3.0.0


    • Changed compatibility with NodeBB 1.12.0

  • Hi there.

    I am trying to install this plugin on the Lavender theme, but I cannot seem to figure out how to import the right tpls, etc.

    Could anyone give me any help?

  • Awesome this is what im looking for,

    just a question:

    does this simply replace the vote - to like

    or it adds another like system ?

    Ideally i just want it to replace vote to like


  • Hi @Nicolas !!!! I really love this plugin. recently, after upgrade nodeBB to 1.17.0 y get these warnings everytime a user like or unlike a post

    2021-05-12T05:22:50.879Z [20000/3584] - warn: [deprecated]
         at SocketPosts.upvote (/opt/vapor/nodebb/src/socket.io/posts/votes.js:66:11)
        at wrapperCallback (/opt/vapor/nodebb/src/promisify.js:46:11)
        at onMessage (/opt/vapor/nodebb/src/socket.io/index.js:153:25)
         use PUT /api/v3/posts/:pid/vote
    2021-05-12T05:22:56.378Z [20000/3584] - warn: [deprecated]
         at SocketPosts.unvote (/opt/vapor/nodebb/src/socket.io/posts/votes.js:76:11)
        at wrapperCallback (/opt/vapor/nodebb/src/promisify.js:46:11)
        at onMessage (/opt/vapor/nodebb/src/socket.io/index.js:153:25)
         use DELETE /api/v3/posts/:pid/vote

    Can you help to fis this? Thanks

  • First of all, thanks for this great plugins @Nicolas
    I've just run the upgrade nodeBB to 1.17.1 and here is the warning after restart :

    2021-05-27T08:23:34.125Z [6699/29929] - warn:    [plugins/nodebb-plugin-ns-likes] The plugin.json field "library" is deprecated. Please use the package.json field "main" instead.
    2021-05-27T08:23:34.137Z [6699/29929] - warn: [plugins/load] The following plugins may not be compatible with your version of NodeBB. This may cause unintended behaviour or crashing. In the event of an unresponsive NodeBB caused by this plugin, run `./nodebb reset -p PLUGINNAME` to disable it.
      * nodebb-plugin-ns-likes

    Any fix planned for this ?

  • @nicolas this looks like a nice plugin for us as well. Any plans on adding reactions instead of likes? As FB e.g. where you can choose like/heart/lol/etc

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