Need information about release branches.

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    For the production which branch should I refer from the Git-hub?
    Can you please give some idea about your version structure?

    Following URL:
    Can you please guide me which version should I use for production?
    Also let me know about the "Stable" release branch.


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    v0.6.x is the currently supported stable branch.

    The stable tag is for internal use (though you can follow that too if you'd like).

    master is development branch, probably contains bugs.

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    Can I use 'Stable' tag branch for production ?

    NodeBB product release uses v0.5.7, v0.6.0, v0.6.1, stable.
    Other product uses 'Major', 'Minor' version release.
    Eg. jQuery uses 1.9.1, 1.9.2 and 1.11.1, 1.11.2
    I don't understand why you have used this type of version scheme?
    As per your last comment "The stable tag is for internal use (though you can follow that too if you'd like)"
    Why you release this 'Stable' branch instead of that you can release new version of that?
    How I identify your internal release branch and How many times do you release 'Stable' tag branch?
    If 'Stable' tag branch is only for internal use then why did you release 'Stable' tag branch into main releases?
    Which branch should I use on production?


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    @akumbhare They do it the same, they've just started with v0.X.X while in active development. Eventually, there will probably be a a 1.X.X, etc.

    They are currently using 0.minor.patch, and haven't had a major release yet.

    You can use stable branch in production if you want (I think this forum uses the stable branch), it is based off of the master branch, so isn't actually guaranteed stable, I think.

    Use branch v0.6.x in production, but, be aware, this forum software is still under active development, isn't feature complete, and there will be breaking changes down the line (but updates are pretty easy).

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    If you're looking for the most current stable branch, it would be

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    Thanks for the reply
    So Can you please tell me why they have releases a 'Stable' tag branch?


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    Just for our internal use. New hosted clients are usually put on the stable commit, but it can change whenever we decide to, so it's best not to rely on it.

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    Hi Julian,
    Thanks for the reply,
    It means in future ,for PRODUCTION we should not use 'stable' or any other taged branches(except v0.x.x). We should always go for v0.x.x taged branches for PRODUCTION.
    Is it right?
    How we can identify that which tag we can use for PRODUCTION? Is there any way to do that?


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