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    we are looking to make it so that the Moderators can add Categories and do not want to give them full admin permissions.

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    @PitaJ said in Bookmarks / Favourites breaking change 1.2:

    How do you recommend this be done? If you want a changelog, you can look at the milestone on GitHub.

    But milestones only cover issues. There iare of course lot of changes and addition that arent referenced on issues.
    There were some helpful topics of breaking changes on the past with a little explanation.
    I guess a topic with centralized information would be nice for 1.2 1.3 1.4 at least updates ( including new or uptades hooks explained + breaking changes on plugins explained + breaking changes on themes explained + a simple explanation of new features)
    It doesnt need to be all changes just important things
    Please remember that not every body know to code but with some little explanations and documentation some of us can keep runnin and doing small fixes and learning and improving nodebb

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    Related issue https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB/issues/4587

    As discussed in the issue, we had a bunch of hooks to modify a page on some routes like filter:recent.build. These were added as required but most pages didn't have a hook so if you needed one you would have to ask us to add it and wait for the next release. With the above change every route has a hook. The hook name is derived from the template name passed to the res.render(template, data); method. For example if your template is named myAwesomePage, you render it with res.render('myAwesomePage', data); and the hook that will be fired is filter:myAwesomePage.build

    Every hook gets 3 parameters {req: req, res: res, templateData: data}, data is the parameter you pass into the res.render method.

    We had a few inconsistencies in the parameters passed to the hook and the hook name below are the changes that needs to be fixed if you have a plugin that is listening to these hooks.

    filter:groups.build is now called filter:group/details.build as that is the correct name for that template. filter:popular.build used to pass in a extra term parameter, this moved into the templateData parameter. filter:header.build this is removed it was deprecated a while ago. Use filter:navigation.available instead. filter:search.build parameters changed, data is no longer passed in use req.query and req.params instead. results is now the templateData parameter.

    Feel free to ask any questions if anything isn't clear.

  • MOTD breaking change

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    @baris That fixed it, thanks 🙂

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    Okay so I wrapped everything in a div with one of my crazy user interface experiments. Everything within the <body> is wrapped in one <div>. Of course, now I am getting an error because like I figured, something is dependent to the body.

    document.body.insertBefore(taskbar.taskbar, footerEl.nextSibling);

    How do I change this to bind to the div instead of the body? I don't want to have the need to create a fragment, that would overcomplicate something simple.

    I could perhaps do much more if I knew how to fix this.

    Uncaught NotFoundError: An attempt was made to reference a Node in a context where it does not exist.

    Now is there anything I might need to change that is dependent on using the body tag like this?