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    @btc I plan on improving the manage/users section. Right now it shows (No email) for everyone even if they have entered an email during registration.


    So there is no way to tell which of these users left the email field empty or have a pending/expired verification email.

    Gonna try to change it so it looks like below.


    After that you should be able to manually verify them from the ACP or resend the confirmation email. Right now as you already figured out the confirmation email expires and there is no record of the email it was sent to so the resend in the ACP and manual verification doesn't work.

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    Technically, translation is there, there just aren't any tables for it yet.

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    @psychobunny said:

    After successfully running ./nodebb setup, there should be some questions to create the initial admin account. After that, you can make any other user an admin by going to the Users page in the Admin Control Panel.

    no, I can't , because I use the mongodb,When I use the redis , I can set the admin account.

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    It is installed automatically when you install the Redis server.

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    This community is really nice and supportive. How does one obtain "referrals' or whatever so you can post on other threads without waiting a long loads of time.