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    @julian Exactly. It's just not feasible and would cause significant strain even with lazy loading. It's why I've opted for 2nd best, which is the "cosmetic" route meaning certain posts (for example, your own, and topic-owner) stand out.

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    @eveh said in Getting Rid of notice in thread that topic has moved:

    On my forum as Admin I moved one thread to another category and let the users know.
    Still on that thread now weeks later theres a note inbetween posts that the thread was moved by admin.
    How can I remove this?

    Edit: I tried this, which I saw on another answer, but all it did was take the arrow out, the circle and message that post 'had been moved by admin' was still there
    .fa.fa-arrow-circle-right {

    if you move your cursor above the note, you should see "trash" icon on the right side of it... you can delete it this way...

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    @fengwang Cool. Once upon a time I was a teacher in a former life and old habits like sharing knowledge die hard. Had to take coursework on "readability" decades before "UX" was a thing. Of course it is obvious once Baris replied. Duh... 🤦

    On related note: You mentioned images. In event you are unawares, clicking on an image then opens that image for larger display (maybe even in a new tab depending on config, I forget the default just now). Most modern browsers auto zoom to adjust for full browser screen geometry. Clicking on that image yet again should result in full scale, e.g. 5k by 4K, which you will then need to pan about w/sliders and such.

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    Hi @Jenkler! Long time no see 😁

    I don't think we can do this right now, since visibility is handled on the category level.

    It could likely be done in a plugin though, to enforce visibility on a per topic level ..

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    Yes, both were.