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    @gotwf @dogs thank you for sharing the link. These are helpful, however I am looking for basic information on new features/bugs resolved in the latest release in easily understood format/language.

    The notes mentioned in these threads are too technical and code specific.

    Whereas the kind of notes I am looking forward to , is more like the module and related features. For example:

    Dashboard - I would like to know what new features are added in the dashboard.

    Categories/Sub Categories - any new features/upgrades in here.

    If anyone can share this list with me, it would be really helpful.

    Thank you.

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    @frissdiegurke Yeah, that's the thing, it involves a lot of extra effort to capture the strings for all possible combinations...

    e.g. Upvoted, bookmarked, and replied: "@frissdiegurke has upvoted, @rod has bookmarked, and @qgp9 has mentioned you in a post you made in Some topic"

    One would say you could mix and match different fragments together, but then toss in the fact that different languages construct sentences together differently, and you see why the fragment idea won't work 😆

    It's enough to drive someone insane!

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    @a_5mith said:

    Eventually the soreness stops and you miss it, feels like you didn't train hard enough.

    I hear that. Though I'm not quite at the 300lb mark yet 😆 Hit a plateau at 205/210, but going below parallel.

    Then again, if you've taken a break, I hear that SL is a great way to get back in the game vs. continuing on with your existing program. Once you hit that first plateau again, you go back into your old program.

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    So is there a reliable way to set all current members as account confirmed, so they don't have to confirm their accounts, but all new members do?