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  • I would like the option to tick a box not to receive updates to posts/threads about subject matter I could care less about. My Unread list could use some taming.

    I did a quick search, however I realize I might have not used the proper search terms, so if this is a duplication, I apologize.

    Thank you.

  • @Alex-Molitor

    On the unread page, you can auto mark as read whole categories, so if you didn't like the General Chat here, you could just auto mark those topics as read. Nice and simple, as for marking specific subject matters, that list would be endless and a pain to manage.

    Also, it's "couldn't care less", could care less would imply you were interested in that subject matter. Not really important though. ๐Ÿ˜†

  • @a_5mith Marking a post a read or a category as read doesn't solve the issue. The issue is that it is a topic he does not want to see updates for. The individual posts get a lot of traffic so even if he marked it as read it would just be unread again a little bit later and that would have solved nothing.

    He doesn't want to have to "follow" every conversation in the community at all times. For small communities it works fine but he's over at http://mangolassi.it/ which gets a fair bit of traffic.

  • In Vanilla thรจme there's a toggle for this in the form of an eye. It seems that this feature is not in Lavander though. So you may use Vanilla or copy the bit of code that is displaying this option.

  • You can explicitly follow a topic, perhaps you should also be able to explicitly mute one?

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