• So I noticed that is running on https. So I thought it would be easy to setup my NodeBB instance that way, I finally got my server to give nodejs access to port 443 but it is not running in ssl mode. I did not find the steps in the documentation to get this working. Is it easy? Hard? Require buying a certificate?

  • I can give you some tips.

    1. I prefer to set up Nginx as the reverse-proxy so all the HTTPS/SSL stuffs I just throw them to the Nginx. Easier that way. Perhaps this docs can give you a kickstart on reverse-proxy thingy.

    2. Self-signing your certificate is okay, but when other people browsing your forum they would be spooked by "certificate not trusted" warning. Here's how to get a free CA-signed certificate.

    I guess that's all for now.

  • Admin

    We have nginx handling the SSL portion, as @aixnr mentioned. What's interesting to note is that we don't actually handle any SSL with NodeBB, we just set it up like usual, listening on 4567.

    (Actually, technically, it's port 4568... but shh)

  • I would recommend having NGinx in front of NodeBB too. Even if you don't use SSL.

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