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  • Hi, I've got one category on my instance that requires agreement to extra terms & conditions before posting in it. That part is already handled (created a modal with a checkbox, stored the timestamp when it was checked, not allowed to post without agreeing). What I need to do now is prevent users from starting a post in another category, then switching it to the category in question.

    I've set up a new Move privilege and granted it to moderators, but not standard users, for that category. (Standard users can Move to most other categories.) The only thing I can't figure out is how to apply it to the .category-list-container dropdown in the "new topic" control.

    Little help? Thanks in advance!

  • Upon further investigation, the code I want to update is in nodebb-plugin-composer-default (specifically, nodebb-plugin-composer-default\static\lib\composer\categoryList.js).

    What's the best way to override that file? Or do I need to fork the plugin and make my own changes there?

  • Do you want to remove some items from the category dropdown in the composer? If so you can modify them in the hook 'filter:categories.categorySearch' this is fired server side so you would need a plugin that uses that hook. And remove categories that the user doesn't have move privilege or didn't agree terms etc.

  • I feel like you're going about this wrong. I think that actually what you want is a new group, and to have the user join that group when they accept the terms. You can set the permissions for that category so that only users in that group can post.

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  • @PitaJ that's probably the most elegant way to handle it, thank you. I went ahead with forking the plugin and made it work that way, but I'll try your suggestion in a different branch. Cheers!

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