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    @gotwf said in Plugin idea:

    Which seems to be nodebb's approach in general w.r.t. stuff like this

    In general, yes. We try to not muck around with existing installs too much, but plugins are a little more fast and loose with things like this. Will keep it in mind 😄

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    I was using "build & restart". I've done that many times since deactivating the chat. Now though, it's not showing that error about the chat either.

    I first disabled the chat immediately after installing it over a week ago. I've done the rebuild and reload more than a dozen times since then. So that's really weird. I didn't see the icon for it after disabling it, but I was getting those errors in the browser console.

    Only thing I can think is that most of the "rebuild & reload" where clicking the notification in the bottom left that said to do so rather than from the main dashboard page.

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    we figured it was due to pm messages, possibly linked to deleted account... so deleted bunch of those and it works. Thanks!

  • nodebb-plugin-video

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    @julian I just make this work to use custom JS load uncompressed js file.

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    Maybe you'll see that plugin built for next weekend 😛