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  • Hello @all

    I use the ACP / Custom CSS for my official CSS styles/themes with the night Dark Mode.

    I would like to give the possibility to users to select other custom CSS stylesheets for example by means of a select button to change the theme.

    Currently I am using the STYLUS browser extension to do this and it works very great but it is not convenient for the user.
    An equivalent with a selection directly in NodeBB would be really great if someone can help me do that.

    Thanks to all.

  • UP?
    An idea?

    I think to a select box with all CSS stylesheets choice, coded in html/CSS/javascript and when I select a choice, the CSS stylesheets is loaded and applied.

    It's possible to do that ?

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    Of course it's possible, but there's no built in support for this or any plugin that provides specifically this behavior AFAIK.

  • @PitaJ

    Thanks for your reply.

    Selectbox in HTML/CSS is not a problem for me.
    I would like a help for javascript and methodology.

    If someone can help me for this !

    Thanks in advance

  • @downpw this is going to be outside of the support that this forum can provide, so I wouldn't expect a response as it does not relate directly to the core or plugins. However, it's perfectly feasible to get direct assistance from sudonix.com which is my site. I'm happy to assist there.

  • OK thanks @phenomlab
    I have post a topic on your website 😉

  • @downpw (and anyone else wanting to know how this panned out) - it's fixed. The full thread is here

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