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    @torn2 we officially support both but the default composer is default because the Markdown composer is a good low-resource (but high functionality) base composer for all NodeBBs.

    Not all communities want or appreciate a WYSIWYG composer.

    Also, I like Markdown 😁

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    @duke said in How do I configure NodeBB setup for Google Cloud VM?:

    If you cannot answer these questions yourself then I suggest you install virtualbox on your local machine and get nodebb working locally but following the docs below. Once you are successful with this, you will have learned alot and can then try and deploy on Google infrastructure.

    I know you want to deploy straight to production but my way will be quicker in the long run. The next question you will have will be regarding NGINX and how to get it running on port 80. The answers to all your questions are in the docs. The docs are very easy to follow.

    Ubuntu (Recommended) - NodeBB Documentation



    I can create the website by using IP but the connection is refused by google's internal IP
    (127 is a local ip, you need to provide your internet IP here)

    "url": "I typed here my domain which is connected to Google's external IP",
    "secret": "the key",
    "database": "mongo",
    "mongo": {
    "host": "Google's internal IP", (should be
    "port": "I couldnt find this out?", (4567)
    "username": "Is this the nodebb user or the user I created for admin database?", (nodebb user)
    "password": "Password", (mongo password for Nodebb database)
    "database": "nodebb"

    Done 🙂

  • import smf to nodebb

    Unsolved Technical Support
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    @julian well I was looking for a help right now. Already paid for server and domain. And looking for Adsense so that I can earn what I've invested right now. Thanks for contacting though but I am not looking for paid service right now.

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    @Gryphon00 said:

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
    Please fix it ASAP and keep me informed about the results. this forum is very important to me.

    Demanding we fix it will get you nowhere. You can ask for help though. 502 Bad Gateway means it's not running. Try running ./nodebb dev in your NodeBB folder and seeing if it either crashes and supplies an error, or loads as it should.

    Also Refer to the documentation, it'll likely be in there. Link to Documentation

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    @julian Obviously magic