NodeBB cannot start in Centos

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    I just did an install of NodeBB 0.8.2 and it installed nodebb-plugin-emailer-mandrill 0.3.1 with it which is only compatible with NodeBB 0.9.^. In addition to the declared version problem I was also getting a related error on NodeBB startup until I removed the mandrill plugin.

    I worked around this problem by removing mandrill and then installing it like this:

    npm install [email protected]

    I poked around to see how nodebb installs nodebb-plugin-emailer-mandrill and it appears that this plugin is installed in a special way? It is not mentioned in the package.json requirements for nodebb.

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    I got a error .
    invalid csrf token

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    @baris said:

    You can still use bcrpytjs on raspbian but you would need to lower the bcrpyt_rounds setting from the default 12.

    Yeah, either lower the rounds, or if you don't mind compiling it (npm does it automatically), use bcrypt instead.

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    NodeBB supports anything. 😆

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    @julian said:

    It's a balancing act -- I honestly really want to help, but the more popular NodeBB gets, the more people need help, and that really comes at a time cost.

    So we really need people like yourself -- experienced NodeBB admins who can guide others to solutions. 🙂

    To lessen help/support work you really need great documentation and faq system which is searchable and brings back relevant results when searched. Then get into a habit of answering forum/support questions with answer + a link to the relevant documentation and faq resources each and every time you answer. This serves a purpose to condition users and lurking visitors into getting familiar with documentation and faq availability. Over time, end users will also help out other end users by answering the same questions with direct links to documentation and faq resources and you get end with a snowball effect 🙂

    I am a firm believer in answering common questions only once so documentation/faq links will capture that answer for all to use and reference.

    The hardest part is compiling that documentation and faq system entries as you go - on the fly adding to the system as new unique but commonly repeated questions pop up 😉

    Maybe make a nodeBB FAQ plugin to promote forum post/answer/replies to the FAQ plugin/display which can be edited for more appropriate format etc before final submission to an FAQ entry ?

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