What are all the options for `./nodebb upgrade`?

Developer FAQ
  • ./nodebb upgrade conducts an upgrade of your NodeBB installation. It is typically run after new code is checked out via git, or if your installation directory has been overwritten with a new version of NodeBB.

    It does a number of things in sequence, but did you know you can also instruct the upgrader to run only a subset of those tasks?

    Here are the options for ./nodebb upgrade:

    ./nodebb upgrade [-mipsb]
        -m    merge; merges the latest package.json from install/ into the root level package.json file
        -i    install; runs the package manager installation (npm or yarn)
        -p    plugins; checks the NodeBB package manager for new plugin versions and upgrades them as necessary
        -s    schema; runs database schema upgrade scripts as necessary
        -b    build; builds NodeBB assets

    You are able to run any combination of those options, and running ./nodebb upgrade with no flags at all will execute all of the above tasks.

    Happy upgrading!

  • Cool and for context a link to the upgrade doc section - https://docs.nodebb.org/configuring/upgrade/

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