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    @PitaJ I've got no experience with jQuery whatsoever. So I would very much appreciate it if you'd look into it. Thanks 🙂

    Also I build my own NodeBB for Docker with custom plugins and stuff so a change in user.js would be no problem (just an sed command in my build script).

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    @człowiek-nuż that list just displays the files that are loaded by the browser when you visit the site. There's no way to hide that, and there's no point in hiding it, either. That list doesn't expose any sensitive information.

    If nothing from plugins shows up there, then that just means that their forum doesn't load anything from the plugins when you visit it.

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    @Alexander-Craggs MongoDB, version 2.6 or greater is required

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    I've already tried to go straight from 0.7.3 -> 0.9.0 with success. Plugin support hasn't caught up yet though.

    @pichalite , I'm using a 2nd instance of nodebb, with a 2nd mongodb instance. I first upgraded my plugins to the latest, ran ./nodebb upgrade while on 0.7.3

    I then:
    git checkout v0.8.x
    git pull (just in case)
    ./nodebb upgrade

    running in dev mode just crashes and relaunches when hitting the categories page. When I first installed the forum, I was using v0.8.0 and switched to v.7.x since the plugin support wasn't updated yet.

    I am using the Vanilla theme and it upgraded to 4.0.8 after switching to v0.8.2

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    @Ziggy said:

    Maybe the online status in (2) should be on the profile photo at (1).

    This. 👍