Pagination is not working

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  • Hi,

    I have running nodebb 1.16.1 with mongodb.
    Persona theme.

    Pagination is not working, Ive tried to set up also "Paginate topics and posts instead of using infinite scroll." but its not showing me any pages. Where I have categories with a LOT OF topics, I mean even 400 topics.

    Screenshot from 2021-01-18 09-01-04.png

    looks like no errors in console,

    Here is json response from that I saw in debug

      "home": "Home",
      "unread": "Unread Topics",
      "popular-day": "Popular topics today",
      "popular-week": "Popular topics this week",
      "popular-month": "Popular topics this month",
      "popular-alltime": "All time popular topics",
      "recent": "Recent Topics",
      "top-day": "Top voted topics today",
      "top-week": "Top voted topics this week",
      "top-month": "Top voted topics this month",
      "top-alltime": "Top Voted Topics",
      "moderator-tools": "Moderator Tools",
      "flagged-content": "Flagged Content",
      "ip-blacklist": "IP Blacklist",
      "post-queue": "Post Queue",
      "users/online": "Online Users",
      "users/latest": "Latest Users",
      "users/sort-posts": "Users with the most posts",
      "users/sort-reputation": "Users with the most reputation",
      "users/banned": "Banned Users",
      "users/most-flags": "Most flagged users",
      "users/search": "User Search",
      "notifications": "Notifications",
      "tags": "Tags",
      "tag": "Topics tagged under "%1"",
      "register": "Register an account",
      "registration-complete": "Registration complete",
      "login": "Login to your account",
      "reset": "Reset your account password",
      "categories": "Categories",
      "groups": "Groups",
      "group": "%1 group",
      "chats": "Chats",
      "chat": "Chatting with %1",
      "flags": "Flags",
      "flag-details": "Flag %1 Details",
      "account/edit": "Editing \"%1\"",
      "account/edit/password": "Editing password of \"%1\"",
      "account/edit/username": "Editing username of \"%1\"",
      "account/edit/email": "Editing email of \"%1\"",
      "account/info": "Account Info",
      "account/following": "People %1 follows",
      "account/followers": "People who follow %1",
      "account/posts": "Posts made by %1",
      "account/latest-posts": "Latest posts made by %1",
      "account/topics": "Topics created by %1",
      "account/groups": "%1's Groups",
      "account/watched_categories": "%1's Watched Categories",
      "account/bookmarks": "%1's Bookmarked Posts",
      "account/settings": "User Settings",
      "account/watched": "Topics watched by %1",
      "account/ignored": "Topics ignored by %1",
      "account/upvoted": "Posts upvoted by %1",
      "account/downvoted": "Posts downvoted by %1",
      "account/best": "Best posts made by %1",
      "account/blocks": "Blocked users for %1",
      "account/uploads": "Uploads by %1",
      "account/sessions": "Login Sessions",
      "confirm": "Email Confirmed",
      "maintenance.text": "%1 is currently undergoing maintenance. Please come back another time.",
      "maintenance.messageIntro": "Additionally, the administrator has left this message:",
      "throttled.text": "%1 is currently unavailable due to excessive load. Please come back another time."

    I dont know how to fix it 😞 can someone help me with this ? thanks!

  • @maciej-bąk-0 said in Pagination is not working:

    Pagination is working on this forum when I tested it as a guest.

  • Which pagination setting did you change? User setting or the admin setting?

  • @maciej-bąk-0 Maple leaf only works for subsequent registered users. The pattern has been recorded

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    I created some accounts with the api/v3, but those accounts can't log in by email on the forum, and consequently can't log in with session sharing plugin.

    I searched a long time, because this used to work on nodebb v1.15.
    But on v1.18, some db objects are only set after the call of confirmByUid function :

    ['email:uid', uid, currentEmail.toLowerCase()], ['email:sorted', 0, `${currentEmail.toLowerCase()}:${uid}`], [`user:${uid}:emails`,, `${currentEmail}:${}`]

    So you have to confirm each account before the plugin "session sharing" works with them.

    To resolve this, i made a custom plugin and used the "confirmByUid" function :

    library.js :

    const Users = require.main.require('./src/user') var Plugin = { onCreateUser: function (postData) { const { user } = postData;; Topics.markAllRead(user.uid); } }

    plugin.json :

    "library": "./library.js", "hooks": [ { "hook": "action:user.create", "method": "onCreateUser" }, ]

    I hope this can help ;).

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    I did get this working.
    I moved the nodebb working directory to /home/nodebb/nodebb and changed ownership of that to nodebb:nodebb, now it starts up on boot as the nodebb user just fine.

    Thank you all very much for the help.

  • Does it work?

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    I decided the question in a different way

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    i give you the link of the forum

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    @julian said:

    @MJ Would recommend only activating the minimum number of plugins.

    Run ./nodebb reset -p and then start NodeBB. Activate the following:

    composer-default markdown soundcloud-embed

    Then see if it works.

    I have only these plugins


    do you think it is to much?