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    Re: console: Missing translation

    I just did a full rebuild on my site, and similar to this previous topic, lost the language setting for my Admin user. I'm currently on:

    • Centos8
    • node v10.21.0
    • nodebb 1.16.1 w/ redis backend

    Latest activity:

    • Installed and activated nodebb-plugin-category-notifications
    • Performed rebuild
    • Installed and activated nodebb-plugin-question-and-answer
    • Performed rebuild
    • Noticed the broken site and deactivated both plugins
    • Performed rebuild

    Nothing has fixed it yet. I checked the logs and saw the messages like:

    Missing translation "admin/extend/plugins:trending" for language "en-GB"

    After searching and discovering the previous topic I went to my user settings and there are literally no languages listed, so I can't reset the language.

    Any help appreciated.

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    @sivy please post the output of ./nodebb build

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    @pitaj Here's the log, but apparently after running build from the command line the languages were built properly and the site is now working. The several times before I had used the "rebuild and restart" button in the admin. Don't know if there's a difference.

    Thanks for the help.

    2021-01-15T20:13:09.975Z [4567/304163] - info: [build] Building in series mode
    2021-01-15T20:13:09.977Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]         plugin static dirs  build started
    2021-01-15T20:13:09.989Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]         plugin static dirs  build completed in 0.012sec
    2021-01-15T20:13:09.989Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]          requirejs modules  build started
    2021-01-15T20:13:38.901Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]          requirejs modules  build completed in 28.857sec
    2021-01-15T20:13:38.934Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]           client js bundle  build started
    2021-01-15T20:14:30.464Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]           client js bundle  build completed in 51.53sec
    2021-01-15T20:14:30.464Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]            admin js bundle  build started
    2021-01-15T20:14:33.176Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]            admin js bundle  build completed in 2.712sec
    2021-01-15T20:14:33.176Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]         client side styles  build started
    2021-01-15T20:14:40.048Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]         client side styles  build completed in 6.871sec
    2021-01-15T20:14:40.048Z [4567/304163] - info: [build] admin control panel styles  build started
    2021-01-15T20:14:45.028Z [4567/304163] - info: [build] admin control panel styles  build completed in 4.98sec
    2021-01-15T20:14:45.029Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]                  templates  build started
    2021-01-15T20:14:45.581Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]                  templates  build completed in 0.553sec
    2021-01-15T20:14:45.581Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]                  languages  build started
    2021-01-15T20:14:50.655Z [4567/304163] - info: [build]                  languages  build completed in 5.074sec
    2021-01-15T20:14:50.663Z [4567/304163] - info: [build] Asset compilation successful. Completed in 100.679sec.
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    @sivy how are you running NodeBB?

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    @pitaj nodedb start right now. I'm considering making a systemd service but haven't gotten there yet.

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    @sivy Was it working before you installed those plugins?

    What is the output of ./nodebb build languages?

    Just making sure you're stopping NodeBB in between? When you run ./nodebb start it stays running until you ./nodebb stop

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    @julian I was using the "rebuild and restart" command in the Admin, but running nodebb build from the CLI finally worked.

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