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    @julian I think we've got it working albeit without the splitting out of objects to multiple collections. I think we'll probably tackle that as well, fortunately it should be relatively straight forward since the keys are already prefixed with a logical collection name e.g "post:1380" or "user:100".
    In the meantime we have some testing ahead of us to ensure that nothing breaks.
    We're happy to maintain it ourselves, but I think you guys should consider adding it as a core database. It gets NodeBB one step closer to being the first true "cloud native" forum platform. The only thing left would be splitting the UI from the API services and you would be all the way there.

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    Hummm, that's why I searched on all options with no success 😉
    glad to know I'm not crazy,
    thanks @julian

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    I was thinking about a feature that lets website administrators to create a network of NodeBB instances where databases are synchronized to let users to communicate and comment on all sites from one site. Other features would be:

    If one administrator wants to leave the network, simply be able to disconnect his site from network. If a new administrator wants to join the network, he be able to do that (where network agree with joining of him)


  • NodeBB and Jabber

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    Given that I recently added Push Notification support via my Pushbullet plugin, I'd say Jabber/XMPP support could also be done via a plugin as well 🙂

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    I would like to have an option to center the images. And a WYSIWYG editor if possible.