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    Is it possible to send an email invitation without having a user attached to it?

    I'm trying to use User.sendInvitationEmail(uid, email), but if I send in null, undefined or 0 as the uid I get no feedback that it's wrong. What I do get is, in the ACP, no ability to delete the invite.

    All I get is Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 19.15.01.png

    I have a locked down forum but I'm working on a feature to automate the invitation process based on some parameters. So in the end I need to run something automagically.

    The delete function used is this I guess?

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    @magnusvhendin I do not think this would be wise. Most (all?) SMTP relays will require a sender address before accepting/relaying mail. Hence, I'd suggest you create an address such as "forums@your.tld for such purposes. Then associate that email address with a user. Maybe one you don't use for other stuff?

    Or maybe I do not understand you clearly: You ARE already using valid value for email address and just want to omit UID? Which seems like easy enough for the dev inclined. But I wonder what this really achieves? 🤔

    Anyways, just a couple thoughts since none have yet been forthcoming... Good luck. 🎲

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