Failed to load emoji metadata 1.13.3

Technical Support
  • @Staff I'm facing this weird issue. Exactly same as below

    The problem is that after upgrade from 1.12.2 to 1.13.3 I can't access /admin/plugins/emoji, it returns 404.

    Removing the plugin and installing again doesn't fix it.

    PS. I've all emoji relate plugins disabled.

    Any ideas?

  • You have tried rebuilding and restarting NodeBB?

  • @PitaJ Yes, I have rebuilt after uninstalling the plugin and again after activating. 404 doesn't go away. I also tried to install the plugin through NPM too but in vein.

  • are there any errors when building or starting nodebb?

  • @PitaJ No build errors. Errors on start

    2020-05-21T10:35:13.627Z [4567/12595] - info: [build] Building in parallel mode
    2020-05-21T10:35:13.628Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]         plugin static dirs  build started
    2020-05-21T10:35:13.631Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]          requirejs modules  build started
    2020-05-21T10:35:13.632Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]           client js bundle  build started
    2020-05-21T10:35:13.636Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]            admin js bundle  build started
    2020-05-21T10:35:13.637Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]         client side styles  build started
    2020-05-21T10:35:13.637Z [4567/12595] - info: [build] admin control panel styles  build started
    2020-05-21T10:35:13.637Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]                  templates  build started
    2020-05-21T10:35:13.638Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]                  languages  build started
    2020-05-21T10:35:13.638Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]                     sounds  build started
    2020-05-21T10:35:14.051Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]                     sounds  build completed in 0.413sec
    2020-05-21T10:35:14.250Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]         plugin static dirs  build completed in 0.621sec
    2020-05-21T10:35:21.661Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]           client js bundle  build completed in 8.029sec
    2020-05-21T10:35:22.436Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]          requirejs modules  build completed in 8.805sec
    2020-05-21T10:35:26.681Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]         client side styles  build completed in 13.043sec
    2020-05-21T10:35:26.782Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]            admin js bundle  build completed in 13.146sec
    2020-05-21T10:35:26.935Z [4567/12595] - info: [build] admin control panel styles  build completed in 13.298sec
    2020-05-21T10:35:29.294Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]                  languages  build completed in 15.656sec
    2020-05-21T10:35:33.710Z [4567/12595] - info: [build]                  templates  build completed in 20.073sec
    2020-05-21T10:35:33.712Z [4567/12595] - info: [build] Asset compilation successful. Completed in 20.084sec.
    2020-05-21T10:36:51.830Z [4567/13262] - error: /var/www/community/nodebb-plugin-emoji/node_modules/fs-extra/lib/mkdirs/make-dir.js:86
          } catch {
    SyntaxError: Unexpected token {
        at createScript (vm.js:80:10)
        at Object.runInThisContext (vm.js:139:10)
        at Module._compile (module.js:616:28)
        at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:663:10)
        at Module.load (module.js:565:32)
        at tryModuleLoad (module.js:505:12)
        at Function.Module._load (module.js:497:3)
        at Module.require (module.js:596:17)
        at require (internal/module.js:11:18)
  • @fais3000 said in Failed to load emoji metadata 1.13.3:


    Found out that [email protected] is loading
    │ ├─┬ [email protected]

    Which is causing the error.


  • Upgrade to Node.js 10

  • @PitaJ Updating to node 10 fixed the issue. Thanks

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