No Edit Option after updating to 1.13.0

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    Anyone else notice that when you click the 3 dots on a post there is no longer any Edit option after updating to 1.13.0? There is only "Bookmark"

    If you login as Admin or Moderator you have the edit option of course, but since updating to 1.13.0 it seems regular users are unable to edit their own posts anymore?

    Was this intentional?
    How do users edit their posts now?

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    You mean 1.13.0?
    Because I have this option here and on my 1.13 instance.

    EDIT: 🙂
    Screenshot_2019-12-12 No Edit Option after updating to 1 3 0.png

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    in the chat the edit button of your own messages disappeared

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    Yes sorry, I meant 1.13.0

    When you click the 3 dots the only option now is Bookmark, in the previous 1.12 version normal users had the Edit option and were able to Edit their own posts.

    I have confirmed this is the same issue now on 2 different instances of NodeBB

    Has the Edit your own post option been removed? Or do I need to enable something to have it return?

    Admin and Moderators have the Edit/Delete options still

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    @dcook are you missing the option on this site, though? Sounds like your privilege settings may have been messed up, I suggest checking them.

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    No the edit option is here on this site, I was thinking it was privileges, but we have not change any privileges prior to upgrading to 1.13.0 or after upgrading.

    That is what is so confusing, the missing "Edit" option only happened after upgrading to 1.13.0

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    The reason I said to check your privilege settings was because we have changed some privileges and added some privileges. Also, a database upgrade script could have accidentally messed with them.

    If the option is on this site then it's likely there's a difference in configuration, since we're running 1.13.0 as well.

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    @dcook hmm, could you check new user restrictions in admin>settings>post? A few users had problems with editing posts on my forum and it turned out that because reputation was turned off they count as new users. Perhaps it's biggest and sometimes makes edits impossible for everyone though?

    I can also confirm that it has to be configuration specific, as it works on my forum that started in 1.12 and got updated to 1.13.

    Edit: if the settings change doesn't work, could you check if the same thing happens if you upgrade a fresh installation of NodeBB 1.12 to 1.13 - that is without plugins and using Persona theme? Perhaps it's plugin/theme incompatibility.

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    @oplik0 This is what I have there, I do have reputation turned off I:



    I am fairly certain its configuration specific as well, however I didn't change any of my configuration prior to upgrading and this issue only appeared after upgrading, so I don't know how to explain that.

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    Try setting "number of seconds a post remains editable" to 0.

    this issue only appeared after upgrading, so I don't know how to explain that

    It's likely a new feature was added or logic was changed on the back end, resulting in this.

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