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  • Best post voting plugin

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    Basically, an upvote kind of thing could work but it might not be obvious to users.
    I need something that will be obvious to users, that they are upvoting a certain comment.
    Much better if the first post is the vote and they can comment all they want below that but vote on the first post.

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    I dont know how is this auth process works with jwt.
    I have nodebb in and nodejs app in And reverse proxy with nginx. I have few question:

    -When user logins or signs up which route we should POST method to?
    -Do I need to install npm install jsonwebtoken?
    -Is this JWT Secret key obtained from website?
    -How can I save a cookie to user browser?
    -When I achieve all this and users logins with nodebb credentials how can i access to current logged in user info?
    -Do I need to include the user's passwords to Json web token?
    -Do I need to set secret in nodebb admin panel?

    Edit:So I did some googling and what I understand I need to post the user info to some expressjs route on my app and generate the Json web token in backend and use some cookie plugin for nodejs. But my last two question is remain unclear for me.

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    Sup guys?

    I did a plugin for who wants to keep files on AWS S3. It's good for who keeps the NodeBB on Heroku or others servers that have ephemeral filesystem.
    I wanted to maintain compatibility with NodeBB 0.6.x and nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads doesnt worked for me.

    I will need to increase some features like content access control in the next version.

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  • Plugin Weekend V3??

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    @psychobunny said:

    Managed to get my entry in with 10 minutes to spare 😉 (was originally planning on spending the whole evening on this but ended up taking the gf out for dinner... priorities, priorities...)

    Need to get you your prize!!

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    Hi @psychobunny any chance to have this updated to work with nodeBB 1.1.x ? It's a killer feature for my photography forum 🙂