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    My google-fu may be lame. And the stuff I am "hitting" on this fairly dated. Yes, I am aware that "it depends", but generally speaking, with respect to NodeBB Today, I would appreciate any status updates regarding use of:

    1. Elasticsearch
    2. Solr
    3. nodebb-plugin-dbsearch

    TIA-- o/

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    Dbsearch is the recommendation, elasticsearch is third-party and should still work. Solr might be outdated but should also still work.

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    Thank, Julian. I ran into some older posts bringing up issues with each. All other things being equal, and they never are, would you please elaborate a bit on strengths/weaknesses of dbsearch compared to the other two? Might be useful to others since many already have some familiarity with the latter two. Provides a bit of a yardstick, so to speak. Maybe I am trying to ask what up to date dbsearch lacks that may drive folks to use solr or elastic?

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    @julian said in Search options for 2019 NodeBB:

    Dbsearch is the recommendation

    This is what we are using now. We used to use Solr but it had issues and we came back.

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