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    What the title says: which would be the simplest plugin to start learning from?

    What I'm trying to accomplish is to create a MongoDB collection where to store some information, then execute all CRUD operations.

    LE: this should've been posted in plugins category.

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    Looking at the code, it appears the plugin will not automatically associate your token's id with an existing user's uid when they overlap (likely for security reasons). It checks the database hash 'appId:uid' for the association. The hash fields are your app's id and the value is the associated uid. You should be able to manually create an association with an existing user by editing that hash.

    I think the mongo command would be like this:
    db.objects.update({ _key: "appId:uid" }, { $set: { "13": "13" } })

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    Fixed, i had to as suggested by several users to change my "base_url" or "url" (depends on your nodebb version). But i had to add the key "port" in the config.json as well.

    "url": "http://myforum.com",
    "port": "1234"

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    @baris said:

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    the "party" I was at was so dull that I'm still sober and back to working on NodeBB at 1am

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    @tedr56 I tried installing this plugin on 0.5.3 but it does not seem to work. I opened an issue on your github repo, with more details. Let me know if I can help debug this or fix it. But first wanted to ask you if you know what may be wrong.